Blue Ribbon Dive Center

blue ribbon dive center anilao philippinesBlue Ribbon Dive Resort has always had a prime focus on safety. Before every dive a full dive briefing is made on shore, ensuring groups are split up between divemasters (4 to 1 ratio) according to skill level, rate of air consumption, or photographers vs non photographers. Safety procedures are reviewed, and so that everyone has an idea of where they are going.

Emergency Oxygen is brought on all dives, along with having a large reserve back at the resort.

blue ribbon dive center anilao

If you do not have your own gear, we provide a full range of latest Aqualung equipment (We are an Aqualung Partner Center), new in 2018, and regularly serviced, by our qualified, certified, Aqualung technicians.

We always evaluate the conditions before the dive and chose the dive site carefully, checking for currents and any weather systems using a wide variety of online resources, along with local knowledge.

blue ribbon dive center

Unlike many other resorts in Anilao that rely on freelance dive professionals and freelance boats, we have our own team of instructors, divemasters and boat crew on site, so that we can maintain a level of safety which you just cannot do if you are relying on different boatmen and divemasters for every dive.

blue ribbon dive center boatblue ribbon dive boat

Our boat we brought with us from Puerto Galera. It is a lot larger than most other boats in Anilao, which means we have a spot to hide from the sun, and more space for more toys such as cameras and scooters.

blue ribbon dive center batangas

Back on shore, we have 3 heated showers, which is great news in the cooler months of December to March, when the water temperatures can get a bit chilly.

We also have a great drying area outside to dry your gear before you leave.

blue ribbon dive center drying area

We look forward to seeing you at the Blue Ribbon Dive center for a Philippines diving experience you will never forget!