Protect our local turtles – Narcosis 4 Fundraiser Party


protect philippines turtles narcosis 4 fundraiserThe local Batangas Dive Pro organisation is doing a fund raiser to protect our local turtles and raise money for mooring buoys in the area. We are supporting them and will be joining the party, and we are also selling tickets.

The funds will go towards

  1. Community awareness briefings: Laws for protection
  2. Turtle Nesting Site Evaluation and Protection: Three nesting sites are in need of protection and training of local personal. One near Ligpo Island (OUR FAVORITE SITE), one in Tingloy and one on Mabini.
  3. Continued mooring buoys for more of the dive sites in Mabini.

Ticket prices are 1,000 PHP, and include drinks and food and a chance to win some dive related prizes.

We already have sold some tickets and would like to see more of our divers in Manila, have a good night, knowing the the money made will go towards helping the environment down here.

Please let us know if you are free, want to buy a ticket, and want to have some fun in Manila with us!

Please send us a message on our contact page, or through Facebook if you would like to buy tickets.