Taal Volcano Update – Business as Usual at Blue Ribbon

taal volcano philippines

While Taal volcano has been all over the news recently, it hasn’t affected the diving and our business operation one bit, as it is quite a distance from us. Visibility hasn’t been affected and there is no ashfall, there was a little when it first went but it was for a day only. Flights are all working at the moment, and there is no extra traffic to get to the resort.

Mabini and Batangas City are actually the safe zones, where a lot of people living by the Volcano were moved just in case there is another big eruption. Due to the nature of Taal, it is very dangerous for people living around the lake, hence the mass evacuation.

Blue Ribbon Staff and a lot of our guests have been donating to help the evacuees, while Becca, has been working 16 hour days helping the Emergency Response Teams with all of the evacuees.

How can you help?

We are doing our bit to help them as much as we can, but we also need help from our incoming guests… Dive operations are fine and the diving is good. Please do not worry and please do you not cancel your booking last minute. We are a small resort and have a lot of mouths to feed.

The dive community has been amazing here in supporting the locals, please support the diving businesses, by coming diving. You won’t regret it!

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